Free Consultation & Advice

Contact us to talk about creating a dream day for your child on Maui. Take advantage of our extensive Maui resources and contacts, and of our long term experience setting up children's dream days. There is no charge for consultation. If you like what we can offer you, you can make a donation or hire us to plan your child's dream come true.

Dream Day Planning

After consulting with us, If you want to use us to help you turn your child's special occasion into a dream day on Maui, take advantage of our 25+ years of setting up children's dream days to make it possible. We give you access to resources available and offer you a detailed proposal. You also have the option to follow up yourself with the various vendors.

Creating the Dream Day

Maui Dream Day can assist you in turning your child's special occasion into a dream come true based on what they like to do and what Maui has to offer. We will coordinate with you from start to finish and together, make the memory of a lifetime for your child.

Party and Entertainment Services

If you would like us to set up your child's party or arrange age-appropriate entertainment, we can do it all or assist you with local resources. Focus on your vacation and still have a celebration that will be long remembered without extra headaches or stress.



Our experienced team will build a proposal of events based on your child and their interests while working within your guidelines and focus. Let’s plan together to make your child's dream come true.

Most activity booking companies are located on the mainland or Honolulu. Sometimes, they employ people at a beach kiosk who have arrived on Maui in the past year or so. At Maui Dream Day, we’ve lived on the island for 35 years, and have been planning children’s dream days for decades. We are your best resources for Maui activities for children and youth.