Parenting the Art of Dreaming Big



1. Role Model: As a parent, live your dreams. Children pay great attention to what you do. They are more prone to do what you do than do what you say, so be passionate about your life, your purpose and talk to your children about it daily. Let them see and know the value of your hard work. Live a purpose driven life.

2. Create a Vision: Talk to your children about what they want to be when they grow up and allow them to be as creative as possible. Once the mind and emotions generate a vision, the behavior naturally follows. Emotions are E-Motion, or energy in motion. Teach them to create a vision and to love it with all their heart. This will put the right energies in motion to get them towards that vision.

3. Positive Self Talk: Teach the power of belief. Self-defeating thoughts need to be replaced by positive, forward-moving, power thoughts starting with “I am.” “I am successful,” “I am worthy of my dreams,” “I am capable.” In this way, we teach our children that negative thoughts are low-level and positive thoughts are high-level and propel them into forward-moving, positive-motion towards what they want to achieve.

4. Encourage the Impossible: Teach there is not a dream so big it cannot be achieved. Encourage your children to take risks no matter how big or impossible the dream may look to them. This covertly communicates to them that YOU believe they can do it which helps them to believe they can do it. If your belief in them is a given, then their belief in themselves will follow along.

5. Encourage Education: Achieving any dream takes hard work, commitment and education. Education opens doors of opportunity that will open their minds more creatively when striving towards a goal. The more information our children have the more imaginative they will be able envision themselves in a variety of different roles and settings which sets them on the path to unlimited achievement.

6. Failure as a Gift: Learning to cope with failure is at the core of being successful. When our children fail, we must encourage them to see the gift. Failure sets them more deliberately on their path because it is through failure they learn what will work towards achieving their goal and what will not. Failure, then, is positive and only improves their chances at getting to their dream.

7. Resilience: Not all dreams work out as planned, but we must parent them to get back up, dust themselves off, redirect, re-purpose and keep on going. Resilience is fundamental to success. It helps us to adapt and become independent and self-confident. We teach our children to believe that no one can step in the way of their greatness but them, and them doing that is not an option.

8. Grateful thinking: Teach them to see that every opportunity is a gift. It may not be the opportunity they want at that time, it may be smaller than they wanted but they will soon learn that it is through some of the smaller opportunities that the bigger one’s come.

Children are the leaders of the future tomorrows. Each day they step out the front door is a day for them to make a positive and meaningful difference. They have the capacity to leave the world a better place than when they first arrived. In order to get there, children deserve to be encouraged to reach for the stars, to fulfill their potential, and to live their best possible life.

Little life Message: As. U.S. author Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you have imagined.”

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