Some tips for taking children to a Maui beach - Infants & Toddlers



Consider leaving your infant (six months or younger) with a daycare provider if you plan to be at the beach for more than an hour during peak exposure times. It is difficult to keep very young children from getting sunburned or overheated.

If you do bring an infant to the beach for a brief stay, take care to cover the child with lightweight, breathable clothing (including a hat). Sunscreen is not recommended for children under six months old.

If you opt to protect your infant from the sun with a beach umbrella or covered safety seat, clothe the baby in a diaper only. Anything heavier may overheat and dehydrate the child.

Pack your child’s clothes in gallon size plastic bags.

Schedule downtime. YOU and your toddler will NEED it! 

Baby Wipes are your enemy while Baby Powder is your friend at the beach! Baby wipes do nothing other than collect sand at the beach!  The baby powder works wonders for getting the sand off. Use Baby Powder to De-Sand Baby

Don’t force your toddler toward the ocean

Relax, Have Fun, and Let Your Toddler Lead the Way