Building sand creations with your child - Part 1


Reasons to Build Sand Castles With Your Kids

In addition to the main reason which is to have fun at the beach, building sand castles and sculptures together will:

  • Teach kids about team work and cooperation
  • Help stimulate their imaginations
  • Provide plenty of exercise
  • Teach them patience
  • Promote a feeling of accomplishment
  • Improve your child's self-esteem
  • May help your child make a new friend or friends at the beach
  • Teach your child a new skill
  • Give your child something to write or talk about when he/she goes back to school

Sand Sculpting Tools

There's no need to spend money on fancy sand sculpting tool kits, although most beach resorts will be happy to sell them to you. Great creations can be built with the following basics:

  • Plastic shovels
  • Various sized buckets and pails, cups and bowls
  • Tools for carving such as plastic knives, forks, spoons and spatulas
  • Pieces of string for shaving and shaping
  • Straws
  • A large plastic spray bottle filled with water (this should not be salt water as salt will clog the nozzle)